A NodeJS module for generating random
NPCs for Dungeons and Dragons.

import NPC from 'dnd-npc';
const npc = new NPC()
   .setRace('warforged', 'juggernaut')

const char = await npc.generate();


Generates a bunch of pseudo-random information, including but not limited to:

You can even select the NPC's race and class before generation, making them more specific to your purpose!


For as long as I can remember, a DM creating throwaway characters that have almost no backstory, yet serve to (hopefully) point adventurers in a specific direction has always been a thing.

And yet, sometimes your adventurers want to pick a fight with them, or you need to check a stat or two. The idea behind this module is to quickly generate a bunch of seemingly realistic information that a DM can use for those purposes.